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Over 25 Years of Experience

Bell Imaging Inc was founded in 2004 by Terrance Bell Sr; a New York native who began his career in Printing modestly. Over the course of his career Terrance would work his way through the ranks of Print Manufacturing; refining his skills in Production Sales and Ownership during a time where Supplier Diversity was nonexistent and options for someone of his ethnicity were seldom.

"Bell Imaging Inc was created through perseverance. It was unheard of for someone like me. I never gave up. I stayed in the boat" -Terrance Bell Sr.

Today, Bell Imaging Inc is a thriving African American-owned Minority Print Manufacturer that specializes in Commercial, Digital and Large Format printing as well as Direct Mailing Services with Variable Data.

About Our President

My Story

I started my career in printing at a Graphic Arts Company as a porter. While at work one day I asked Kevin, a senior Graphic Arts operator if he could teach me what he knew. Kevin agreed to teach me the various skills and programs I would need to move forward.

Over the course of a few weeks, Kevin would come over to my Bronx apartment after work and give me crash courses in the basics of Mac operation. I learned enough in those few weeks to land me my first Mac Operator job.

At my new job I met Max; a friend who taught me to be faster, stronger, and more competitive. After some time, I was promoted from a Mac Operator to a System Manager. Soon, I transitioned into Sales.

I still remember the days when I got to work two hours early to sell before my 12:00pm shift as a System Manager. There were many days when I wanted to give up, but I remained diligent in my pursuit of a better life. Dedication and hard work paid off. My first big account was the United States Postal Service.

After a successful career in Sales, I knew it was time for me to take a major step in my career. I decided to start my own business. I have been the proud owner of Bell Imaging since 2004 and we have been in business over 16 years.

Bell Imaging Inc is a thriving Minority Print Manufacturer that offers over 25 years of experience with several well-known clients including: Major League Baseball, New York State, Lord Abbett, Bronx Community College, Canon USA and LaGuardia Community College; just to name a few.

Besides my children, Bell Imaging Inc is my greatest accomplishment. I am enthusiastic about our future. The best of our journey has yet to come.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I look forward to working with you.

Your Friend,

Terrance Bell Sr


Bell Imaging Inc.

Mission Statement

At Bell Imaging we believe that quality, service and commitment to excellence are the basis of establishing and maintaining relationships. Our mission is to exceed your expectations by providing personalized efficient services and quality products.

Building For The Future

We plan to build for the future by investing in ourselves, children and community. Bell Imaging supports a youth-based foundation focused on uplifting minority children with disadvantaged socio-economic status.

Plans For Environmental Sustainability

Bell Imaging makes a concerted effort to implement environmentally sustainable standard operating procedures to remain eco-friendly.

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We at Bell Imaging know that finding the right company to make your designs come to life is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we provide an excellent service every time.


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